Frequently Asked Questions

What is SCRI?  

The Summer College Research Internship (SCRI) is a full time program for community college students to participate in conducting summer research at Georgia Tech’s College of Sciences. Students will be expected to be present for 40 hours a week and will be paid a fixed stipend.

How does SCRI promotes diversity and inclusion?  

SCRI serves as an active pipeline to recruit promising community college students who have been historically underrepresented in STEM. By exposing students to innovative research at GT, fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment, and providing mentoring at the undergraduate, graduate, and professorial level , SCRI promotes opportunities for historically underrepresented minorities in STEM.

Am I eligible to participate?  

All local community college students who are at least 18 years old by the start of the program are eligible to apply. Students from underrepresented backgrounds in STEM  and students pursuing STEM jobs or STEM graduate degrees are especially encouraged to apply.

What qualities is SCRI looking for in students?  

SCRI requires no prior research experience. SCRI is looking for students who are keen to learn and are interested in being challenged. We encourage all students with a good academic standing and a passion for STEM to apply. 

When does SCRI take place?  

SCRI takes place during the summer break for 8 weeks, from June 6th – July 29nd 2022. Students will be required to be on campus from 9 am – 5 pm each day. Attendance during the first week (orientation) and last week (presentations) is especially mandatory. Absences will be excused for emergency situations and must be communicated to the lead organizer in a timely manner.  

Where is SCRI?  

SCRI is on Georgia Institute of Technology’s Main Campus. The exact location of each student’s research is dependent on the lab they are paired with, but all locations are within walking distance on campus and bus transportation around campus is available if needed.

Will I need my own transportation, housing, and meals?  

Interns will need to provide their own transportation to and from campus each day. SCRI is not a residential program and accepts only local applicants – housing is not provided. Students should bring packed lunch or money to purchase lunch from the dining hall on Monday – Thursday. Lunch will be provided on Fridays.

Is being an SCRI participant a paid position?  

Students participating in research at SCRI will be provided with a stipend to help cover living and transportation expenses. .

What do accepted students do in this program?  

Students will engage in eight weeks of hands on research under the guidance of Georgia Tech faculty and SCRI TAs. The majority of time will be spent in a lab setting, exploring various questions in science, performing experiments, analyzing data, and building depth of knowledge in a given area. Some time will be set aside for students to attend research talks by faculty, present in journal clubs, learn about college admissions and tour the Georgia Tech campus. Students will have time to interact with their peers during working lunches, sports activities, and game nights.

The program culminates in a research presentation and poster symposium where students will share their research question and how they answered it over the course of their experience.






What are the benefits of doing research in college?  

Research experience in high school is extremely valuable. Interns will:

– learn how to think like a scientist
– perform common lab procedures
– understand chemical and lab safety
– communicate their research to others in the field

Many students in summer research college internships programs go on to research in 4-year undergraduate college programs, apply to graduate programs, present their research in national and international conferences, and publish their research.

Can I participate while doing another program or taking classes?  

SCRI is a full-time program and we require all students to commit to attending all days of the program, from 9 am to 5 pm. Students should not accept the program if they are planning to partake in any activities that conflict with program times or dates. Research is expected to be student’s first priority and we recommend against taking on additional courses.

How do I apply?  

Click here to apply. Application includes an application form, essay questions, and submission of a transcript and letter of recommendation.

When is the application open?  

Applications open April 4th, applications will remain open on a rolling basis until all positions have been filled. Please visit the apply tab for the most up to date guidelines.

Who can I contact with questions?  

Please contact the organizing team, with any questions or concerns at